Who Are We?

Rio Robot Pte.Ltd is a fast-growing technology company that specializes in the combination of hardware and software products, integrated with intelligent vision. We deliver meaningful, quality and robust software solutions on business management, and provide products to aid your business sales. With the originality of our software, you will be able to perform various tasks as a business owner, and an employee.

Our wide range of products are catered for all types of businesses, be it a Hotel, Manufacturer, Construction Company, Medical Company or just a simple shop. They are all fit to your budgets, big or small. We encourage company owners to use our products for successful management and profits. For more information or inquiries, please drop us a message at our contact section below.

Fast & Efficient

With us, you can always expect fast delivery for everything. Hardware, software, maintenance, leave them to us.


Don't worry about your website or software suddenly going down. We provide regular maintenance that aids you and your business.


Need help in setting up a device that you bought? We're here for you, with no hidden costs.


Even if we don't have exactly what you want, we'll try our best to implement it, and if it's successful, it becomes an official product!


Quality you can trust. Every single product serves their purpose for you and your company.


Reliable 24/7 support to fix any problem. Contact us anytime through WhatsApp, messages, Messenger, and more.

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Call/Whatsapp/Viber/Messenger : +65 98421007

Mail: nilar@riorobotvision.com

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