1. CITPM exam experiences based on DEC 2009 batch

Paper one (100 Questions): pass mark -50 marks

-          Questions for Theory

o       Some questions with Long scenario for a multiple choice question(e.g. One full page scenario for the only one multiple choice question which kills us)

o       Mostly not enough time to read very detailed to choose correct answer

o       Therefore difficult to get solid marks

-          Questions for Calculation

o       Calculation questions should be well prepared since students will get solid marks from them. Calculation questions are easier than theory questions to get good marks since given pictorial information with figures.

o       Note:  remember some formulas, the steps for calculations. (e.g. Calculate Return Of  Investment , annual Return Of Investment with/without interest rate, NPV(Net Present Value) with/without interest, calculate duration to complete a Project by given to date/ to complete information, Find Critical path, specific task’s float and project duration by given WBS, Calculate overspend of project  by given risk probability and impact($) …etc





Paper Two (5 Questions): pass mark -50 marks

-          Questions based on Scenario and Theory( 3 questions)

o       One question for ISO

o       One question for Risk Management

o       And One question which combined many short questions

-          Questions for Calculation (2 questions)

Note: ISS gives pre reading Scenarios for below questions. Students should calculate as much as possible (about 70%) by discussion with team. On exam day, only little extra information added on pre reading Scenarios. Therefore, students just refer calculated figure (70%) which he/she already prepared from pre reading info and calculate only the rest 30% on exam day. Otherwise Students could not complete to answer all questions. 

o       One question  (Refer CNCRMS project control and tracking workshop)

§         For Current progress of Project: calculate duration of a project,  draw a current progress of project (shown by Gantt chart), two WBS for  (to date and to complete),

§          For new project new date (given in question); Make reduction of  a project duration for new project end date by using either Crashing (use more men) or fast tracking (work more tasks parallel) or both or other techniques, draw a precedence diagram, a Gantt chart, and WBS .

o       One Question for Calculation (Refer Cost-Benefit Analysis for Chan Network)

§         Calculate Cost- Benefit and Cumulative Benefit for Option1(In house development) and Option 2(Off the shelf Software)

§         Calculate ROI for both

§         Compare both on ROI, Risk and other given information

§         Select better for Company

  1. Draw schedule to read all lessons for CITPM

- Students should draw schedule for reading course materials

o       First round: One chapters per day(to know Overview)

o       At least, students should repeat reading one more round all chapters 

o       Practice all questions from Sample exam papers(3 sets), Mock Exam paper, All materials from Workshop provided by ISS